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JDC  Hip Hop Team

Mini Hip Hop Team 2021-22

Company Pic 23_24.png
Company Pic 23_24.png

JDC Hip Hop Team

is a program for dancers who would like to compete in Hip Hop.

Male & female dancers 5-7 may audition for the Mini Hip Hop Team.

Male & female dancers 7 & older may audition for the JDC Hip Hop Team.  

Hip Hop training experience is not required to audition.


The Team(s) will compete at 3 regional competitions in Spring 2022 and perform their competition dance in our June 2022 recital.


For the 2021-22 season, the JDC Hip Hop Team (above the Mini level) will be required to take a Hip Hop rehearsal class, and 2 additional classes recommended based on dancer background; approximately 3 hours/week. Mini Hip Hop Team dancers are not required to take additional classes.


Hip Hop dancers interested in progressing their overall dance skill and/or being eligible to audition for the JDC Company in the future are encouraged to also enroll in Jazz, Ballet, &/or Tap class(es). 


For more information,

please email or call the studio 847.932.4070

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