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Yoga for littles this Summer
Monday: 3:45-4:15 ages 3-5yo
Wednesday: 3:15-4:00 ages 5-7yo
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Clean Air? We've got it!


The air and surfaces in the entire JDC facility are sanitized 24/7 by  Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization from GPS

This method of air filtration is used to help kill airborne viruses and bacteria. Used in hospitals, airplanes, educational facilities, etc, NPBI has been determined to deactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus at a rate of 99.4%.

We are committed to keeping our dancers and staff safe and healthy as we embark on an exciting new season at JDC!

Please review additional Health & Safety Policies on our Studio Policies page.


New to JDC?


We'd love to show you the studio and learn all about your dancer! 

Please email us with questions or to schedule a studio or boutique appointment.


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